In Spain, it is Puigdemont who dictates the terms of Sanchez’s support –

From our correspondent
BRUSSELS – Recognize the democratic legitimacy of independence, pardon any judicial action against independence activists, establish a mechanism to monitor compliance with these conditions even before negotiations begin, and recognize Catalan as an official language of the European Union.

Charles Puigdemon, the Catalan separatist leader Wanted by the Spanish judiciary and exiled in Belgium after the Catalan independence referendum in October 2017, he listed the conditions for supporting the reappointment of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez with the Psui-Sumar coalition: the seven Junts vote for Catalonia. Critical for overcoming the current deadlock Spain was prevented from returning to new elections after the July 23 consultations, which did not result in a majority.

Puigdemont is distraught as he speaks to a room packed with journalists in a hotel not far from Parliament and the European Commission. He gives his speech, takes no questions, and walks away. But the message it sends to Madrid remains consistent with what has been preserved in past years, and not a step backwards: «There are currently no requirements “In order to negotiate a government, if there is a will to compromise, we have to create these conditions,” Puigdemont said, adding that pro-independence activists are ready for elections but also “ready for negotiations that lead to the formation of a government.” Historic result. Therefore, “the dilemma lies in going to the elections, with the resulting fragility, or negotiating with a force that recognizes the legitimacy of the 2017 Catalan referendum.”

the party Junts in Catalonia have tipped the scales. On the eve of the press conference, the third man in Sanchez’s government, Yolanda Diaz, leader of the Somar, the Spanish far-left, came to Brussels and met Puigdemont in the European Union Parliament. Since the independence referendum in 2017, which was declared invalid by the Spanish judiciary, this is the first meeting of the Catalan leader with a member of the Madrid government. However, the Labor Socialist Workers’ Party distanced itself and this was confirmed by Moncloa’s sources Diaz acted “on behalf of Sumar”. Diaz’s move was strongly criticized by the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, who yesterday asked Sanchez for his head if he did not want it to be. “partner in this disgrace”. He also rejected Puigmon’s terms as “unacceptable”.

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The People’s Party resulted in the first party in the July elections, but even an alliance with the far-right Vox party did not allow it to gain a majority. Núñez Viejo was commissioned by King Felipe VI to form the governmentThe inauguration discussion and voting will take place on September 26 and 27. But chances are slim then It will be up to Sanchez to try to build a majority. But even the Socialists distanced themselves from Puigdemont: “Our positions diverge. On the Catalan issue, we have a tool, which is dialogue. frame, constitution; “The goal is the same, coexistence,” said government spokeswoman and Minister of Regional Policies Isabel Rodriguez.


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