38 years old: Danny Alves returns to FC Barcelona

It went fast now: FC Barcelona have brought back the next alumni at Danny Alves. However, the 38-year-old Brazilian will not qualify to play until January 2022.

Back to Barcelona: Danny Alves.
Image Alliance / DPA

A rumor has been circulating for weeks that Danny Alves could sign up for FC Barcelona again. The Catalans actually announced their engagement on Friday evening. Danny Alves will train with him from next week, but the winger will not qualify to play until January.

In early September, Brazilian club FC Sao Paulo terminated their contract with Danny Alves. Now the senior will have to defend again for Barசாa, with the contract running until the end of the season at the start.

Alves played for Plugrana from 2008 to 2016, during which time he won the Champions League three times. With 46 titles, Danny Alves is the most successful professional in the world – he has won 23 titles through the FCB. Danny Alves scored 23 goals in 391 appearances.

Most recently, Barசாa have already brought back their former star player service as coach.

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