Weather Alert, Very Heavy Stovex Alert for Saturday 29th

A violent and widespread cyclone will hit Europe in the next few days, generating the risk of serious flooding in Spain and France. Italy is also at risk of extreme weather. From this evening and then tomorrow, Friday 28 June, severe weather will hit several European states, but the attention of meteorologists is already focused on Saturday. June 29a day that will be characterized by heavy rain and cold. We are in We have already sounded the alarm on MeteoWeb. He did the same thing. Estofex (European storm forecast experience), which suggests the seriousness of the situation that will develop.

Estofex has issued a warning of Level 2 to France Eastern, Germany Midwest, Swiss And Italy Mainly northwest to destructive winds And Large or very large hailstones.

a Level 1 It has been issued for northern Spain, France, Belgium and northern Germany due to violent winds, large hail and heavy rain.

a Level 1 Issued for Finland and northern Russia due to strong winds and hurricanes.

a Level 1 It was released to the Caucasus mainly for the big cold.

France, Germany, Switzerland, northwestern Italy

Estofex warns of the possibility of severe regional weather, especially in areas below level 2. A severe short-wave low is expected to break away from northeastern Spain on Saturday morning and move across southern France and into Germany, weakening and weakening. Ahead of the short-wave, a undulating frontal boundary will extend from France into Germany and southern Poland. As the low passes through the region, the frontal system will move northeastward, crossing the region by Sunday morning.

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In the warm sector, a column of strong mid-tropospheric wind shear will develop across the Alps and cover eastern France, Switzerland and southwestern Germany. With low humidity levels locally exceeding 14 g/kg, large CAPE profiles with MLCAPE values ​​between 2 and 4.5 kJ/kg are expected. Strong vertical wind shear will overlap the high CAPE, with large shear at 0-6 km between 20 and 30 m/s and wind shear at 0-3 km between 15 and 25 m/s.

In this environment – Estofix reports – this is likely to happen Severe and well-organized stormsof between it Super cells And Bow echoesWith threats Very large hailstones and damaging winds. Storm coverage will increase rapidly around 5 PM ET. Due to the strong impact, widespread storms are likely, especially in a band extending from eastern France through western Switzerland to western Germany. Here, Level 3 may be required in the upcoming Estofex forecast for a range of strong to very strong wind gusts. A more isolated convection mode will be possible in Northern ItalyWhich will be far from the strongest lift, says Estovix, which will announce more details in subsequent releases.

Weather Alert from Estovix June 29

Hurricane warning in Europe

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