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From Guido Santevichi

It is impossible in Beijing to extract statistics on Covid casualties, but the absence of deaths in official bulletins is clearly implausible. Fear that the Chinese winter will be long and painful

The Doubts about Beijing in days After covid zero Eerily reminiscent of who they are on Wuhan during the first wave of the epidemicAnd the Between January and March 2020. How many infected? How many deaths are there? authorities have Stop counting the incidence claiming it They are not meaningful and unreliable Given the large number of asymptomatic people who can no longer be identified after the obligation to swab in order to move was abolished. And the For days, there will be officially no deaths in the capitalOnly a few dozen patients in serious conditions were registered.

In 2020, there was controversy over the true number of deaths in Wuhan when inquiring about A Chinese magazine noted that the funeral home They had The body count is more than average. To try to assess the situation in Beijing financial times Taking refuge in some old people’s homes, hospitals and crematoriums, he finds evidence of deaths from Covid these days. Dongjiao state funeral agency official said so At least 30 of the 150 bodies received have been reported to have died from Covid: We do our work as quickly as possible, we burn the bodies of the injured on the same day we receive them.

Two drivers of the funeral vehicles said this Dongjiao Agency carries out between 20 and 30 coffins every day, compared to four or five from the norm. Similar testimonies come from hospitals: deaths are above average. Naturally It is impossible to derive a statistic from the rumors collected by the pressBut the absence of deaths in the official bulletins is clearly implausible. Data from major cities and other Chinese cities and provinces are not currently available. Fear that the Chinese winter will be long and painful.

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Dec 16, 2022 (changed on Dec 16, 2022 | 11:18am)


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