A man throws a cake on the Mona Lisa for the

In several videos posted on social media on Sunday, you can see the glass protecting the masterpiece, which is covered with a layer of cream. The arrested person triggered a gesture in favor of environmental cause.

On social networks, several videos were released this Sunday in which a person reportedly threw a cake against a guard window. Mona LisaLeonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece is housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Facts mentioned by the Spanish newspaper Country And CNN Brazil, May 29 at noon on Sunday. 1:30 pm, a Twitter user ecrit“I saw a man throwing a cake at the Mona Lisa.” Two and a half hours later, he releases a video in which we can see the famous painting behind its safety glass. The latter is stained with something like cream, which a guard tries to clean.

“It seems unrealistic to me, but a man dressed as an old woman got up from a wheelchair and tried to break Mona Lisa’s safety glass. Then he spread a cake over the glass and threw roses around her for safety,” the video reads.

In the video taken from another angle, you can also see the guards cleaning the safety glass. There is a wheelchair and spectators should not normally come in front of the safety ring. Then the chair is carried away.

One reason for the environment

Finally, one last video shows the person responsible for the incident being escorted to the exit by the museum’s security guards. Dressed in a wig and hat, he speaks French, pushing the same wheelchair he saw in previous videos.

“Think of the earth. There are men who destroy the earth, think of it. Artists, (no?) Tell you: ‘Think of the earth’. All artists, think of the earth. That’s why I did it. Think of the planet.” Showing the sketch. On the ground, you can see rose petals.

This is not the first time Leonardo da Vinci’s precious painting, the Mona Lisa, has fallen victim to a desecration attempt. As recalled CountryIn August 2009, a tourist threw a trophy against a safety mirror. In 1974, an attempt was made to decompose oil in Tokyo using red spray. Finally, in 1957, a Bolivian man threw a stone at the painting, causing minor damage. As reported The worldHe said at the time: “I had a stone in my pocket and suddenly I had the idea of ​​throwing it …”.

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