Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak: “Bunkers and tunnels under Al-Shifa Hospital? Israel built them in the 1980s.”

Al-Shifa Hospital was a Hamas hideout used to hide militiamen and weapons by exploiting the famous network of tunnels built by the armed Palestinian party’s militiamen. This is how Israel and its army justified the raids and ground operations that made the attack on the building one of the bloodiest attacks […]

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Al-Shifa Hospital She was Hamas hideout It is used to hide militiamen and weapons by exploiting the famous underground network tunnel It was built by militiamen affiliated with the Palestinian Armed Party. like Israel His army justified the raids and ground operations that made the attack on the facility one of the bloodiest attacks since the beginning of the invasion. Gaza. Dozens of civilians were killed while dismantling an important hideout Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. While statements Israel Defense Forces They are still awaiting confirmation from the former Prime Minister of the ‘Jewish State’, Ehud BarakTalking to CNNHowever, it revealed further changes in perspective, and thus assessments, regarding the Israeli raid on the hospital: “The bunkers and tunnels under the structure were contaminated.” Built by Israeli engineers “Decades ago,” when Tel Aviv was still occupying the Strip.

Asked whether there was sufficient evidence to prove that under the structure there was indeed a network of tunnels and bunkers that were part of an important command center for Hamas, the former prime minister replied: “We have known for many years that under the hospital there was a bunker that was originally built.” by Israeli engineersIt is connected to a network of tunnels used by Hamas and is part of a larger network. I don’t know if it is one of the most important facilities in the Strip, but it is certainly one of the many facilities located under hospitals and in other areas that are also being used during this conflict.” When asked to clarify, Barak specified that “these tunnels It has been around for many decades“It’s probably about forty years old, and it was built to expand the hospital area, which was very limited.”

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While Israel has tried in recent weeks to provide sufficient evidence of the heavy presence of Hamas in the building, photos that have not yet been verified showed the presence of weapons and leaflets, as well as reporting numbers. Arrests and killings The presence of militiamen inside the hospital, although denied by health workers, Barak’s statements threaten to change the view of international public opinion on the attack on Al-Shifa Hospital. This issue has also been raised in recent days by other international media and some observers Xfor this reason Economic As published by A Fact check On this particular news item, the result of the inspections conducted by the British weekly magazine was clear: “Multiple sources have confirmed that Israel built a bunker or bunker in the 1980s. It is not clear whether Hamas operates the space under the hospital as an important military headquarters, even if it is.” the Israeli Defense Army They provided evidence that there were weapons hidden in the hospital.”


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