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The holidays arrive, first Christmas and then New Year’s celebrations: in short, they arrive The hardest period ever for those who care about their handwriting But he does not want to give up his vices and pleasures. But here comes a new study, mentioned before study discovers and re-launched by Dagosbya, which is a surprising discovery. In fact, there is one snack that can keep appetite and body shape in check: peaches.

In fact, we read DagosbyaUniversity of Liverpool researchers found that eating More peaches It helped a group of dieters better control their appetite, consume fewer calories, and even lose slightly more weight than those who opt for other snacks. The test was conducted over a period of 12 weeks.”

This is what the professor said Jason HalfordPresident of the European Association for the Study of Obesity: “These studies show that dried fruit can cause a feeling of fullness and can be incorporated into the diet during weight management.”

The study of the effect of plum was in two stages. the first: Comparison of participants’ reactions Avoid eating prunes, raisins, or jelly-like puddings during the experiment. Well, it has been found that those who eat prunes generally consume fewer calories at their next lunch, because the dried fruit gives a feeling of satiety.

Hence the second part that the researchers examined How much weight people have lost After completion of a 12-week programme. “They divided the volunteers into two groups, one of whom had prunes as their daily snack and the other who only received instructions on healthy snacks but could choose what they wanted,” he explains. there. On average, participants in the plum group lost 2kg, compared to 1.5kg in the other sample. And again, those who ate prunes confirmed that it is easier to lose weight. In short, let’s recklessly throw ourselves at the plum …

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