The unions declare the strike from 1-5 July

a A call to strike It was It was launched on June 1st By the Aéroports de Paris (ADP) federations at the beginning of July (1-5), in order to obtain Withdrawal from PACTA plan to adapt the employment contracts that they should lead to Decline in wages Beside Why, Job creation plan.

A joint statement issued by several unions (CGT, CFE-CGE, Unsa, CFDT and FO) accusing the project requested by the managementRemoval Certainly moreOne month salary for all employees And obliging them to accept geographic mobility that provides additional travel time. ”In fact, PACT is planning to cancel many of the bonuses that lead to Pay cuts of 4 to 8%. If the employee refuses, the PSE provides for dismissal.

The Social and Economic Committee From Paris airport Persuade him Furthermore it For the project, Management’s desire is mainly to save money at a time when the pandemic has had dire consequences for ADP activity.

A “destructive social scheme” according to the unions

This is the context in which the trade unions operate Strike on July 1st next one. Unsa rep, Laurent Grassine, explains choosing such a date: “the Great first weekend of summer cruisesAnd to add that this also corresponds to a return to normal working conditions: “Everyone is 100% back, and there will be no more partial activity. CGT rep, Daniel Burton, says he wants to “set up a large scale procedure that’s a success”. Appearances So it is expected at least in Orly and Roissy platforms.

In December, the administration as well as all trade unions agreed to a Collective contractual termination Foresight 150 1 departure flight In 2021 No 700 Who will not be Do not replace.

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The unions ask: How can the state, which is the largest shareholder, let ADP CEO Augustine de Romani, A destructive social plan Without any economic justification, 1,150 employees are already leaving, ”he said, criticizing the group’s acquisition of 1.2 billion euros from Indian airports in 2020.

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