Opponents condemn the

“The only question I ask myself is why on the 1st of April, why not now because the French can no longer move?” Response to Europe 1 / Cnews / Les Échos President of the Ile-de-France region. “April 1st, ten days before the elections, the thread is a bit big,” she lamented. “I don’t know if those 15 cents are exactly the sum total of the gains made by the state, […] So I would have preferred the Prime Minister to tell us: I will return all the money to the French.

‘Very insufficient’

By announcing on Saturday a discount at the pump of 15 cents a liter from 1 April and for a period of 4 months for all French people, Jean Castex confirmed that this is the case, while the measure will cost about 2 billion euros to the state. ” accidental, […] The government gives us an electoral discount, we can see the big thread,” RN spokesperson Julian Audol denounced to Franceinfo. According to him, the measure is also “ridiculous because 15 cents per liter does not even go back to the tax increases decided by Emmanuel Macron, which were about 19 cents liter”.

See also  AMLO. He is confident that the increase in inflation is temporary. "It's an issue we take care of," he says.


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