The story of this Dublin restaurant employee went viral on social media. Such asmiddle irish And woman, Rian Keogh, recently quit his job at Alfie Restaurant in Dublin. And for his last salary, the young man faced an incredible surprise, which he did not fail to tell on social networks, Tuesday, September 14.

While he had been claiming for several weeks his due for two months of summer work, the employee was told that he had to come and pick it up from the restaurant. What was his surprise when he received a bucket containing 355 euros of 5 cent coins. “If anyone wants to know what it was like to work at Alfie on South William Street, know that after chasing my last paycheck for weeks, I finally got it, but in a bucket of coins. 5 cents,” 20-year-old student wrote on Twitter.

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Ryan Keough also noted that the bucket weighed about 30 kilograms and that carrying it home left traces on his arms. The young man was supposed to receive his last check on September 9. Money he needs “ASAP” to help pay his bills.

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As Central Irish points out, under the Irish Economic and Monetary Union Act 1998, workers are not required to accept more than 50 coins in a single transaction. But the student was not familiar with the legislation. “I thought I should take it legally, but found out via Twitter that it’s not. If I had known, I would have fought,” he laments to the site.

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