Tonight Could Have Been Your Class: The National Lottery (Lotenal) publishes the mask results for the Melate Retro 1208 lottery that took place last night, Saturday, April 16.

This is all the information about the prizes and how to earn them.

Melate Retro 1208 Draw Results April 16th

These are the numbers that appeared in Melate Retro 1208, last night.

  • 06-04-21-24-28-31 Additional 20

Melate Retro 1208 Draw Prizes Yesterday Saturday 16th April

This is how the Melate Retro 1208 lottery prizes were distributed.

  • the first. 6 natural numbers: none.
  • The second. 5 natural and additional numbers: none.
  • the third. 5 natural numbers: 19 prizes worth 3 thousand 733.59 pesos.
  • Fourth. 4 natural numbers: 957 prizes worth 120.54 pesos.
  • Fifth. 3 natural numbers: 13,630 prizes worth 21.51 pesos.
  • Sixth, two natural and additional numbers: 7 thousand 567 prizes worth 16.13 pesos.
  • VII. One natural number and one additional number: 21 thousand 885 prizes of 10 pesos.

How to check a Melate ticket?

There are several ways to find out if you won yesterday’s Mlate Retro 1208 raffle on Saturday 16th April:

  • You can view the results of the drawings on the Predicts website
  • You can request the results by calling (55) 5482-0000
  • You can ask your nearest authorized dealer for information on the winning numbers in a raffle you are in, or ask them to enter your ticket into a prediction machine, which will tell you if you have a prize.

Here is the live stream where the results of the Melate Retro 1208 lottery were announced yesterday, Tuesday, April 12th:

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