Sur le campus de Beauvais, les équipes de Massey Ferguson ont fêté la sortie du millionième tracteur, avec son premier propriétaire, Thierry Aubrée, agriculteur et entrepreneur en Ille-et-Vilaine.

Nearly 62 years after beginning production at the Beauvais site, Massey Ferguson has produced its millionth tractor. The 8S Dyna-VT model was delivered to Thierry Aubrée, farmer and businessman in La-Chapelle-des-Fougeretz, in Ille-et-Vilaine, via the Hervé Motoculture Agency.

On the Beauvais campus, Massey Ferguson teams celebrated the launch of the Millionth Tractor, with its first owner, Thierry Aubrey, a farmer and entrepreneur in Ille-et-Vilaine. (© Massey Ferguson)

Dre Its factory is in Beauvais, located in Oise since November 1960, Massey Ferguson just launched its millionth tractor. In this case, the 8S Dyna-VT model that joined Brittany. The proud owner of this iconic copy is a farmer and agricultural contractor in La-Chapelle-des-Fougeretz, northwest of Rennes. It is a brand and loyal agency of Hervé Motoculture. On his farm, red is everywhere: 4 tractors, 3 combine harvesters, 2 balers, 1 telescopic bulldozer.

“Our Beauvais Campus has grown steadily over the past 62 years, working with and for farmers. On behalf of all our employees, I would like to thank our customers for their steadfast trust. We are especially proud to be represented today by the owner of this new brand MF 8S.305 Dyna-VT ”, explained Thierry Lot, President of AGCO in France, on June 14 at the ceremony for the delivery of the tractor to the farmer, in the presence of several factory workers.

Up to 100 jars leave from the Buffet site each day

“I’m excited about new technologies, including RTK Guidelines, and departmental watch that focus on soil conservation and sustainable agricultural practices. The MF 8S exudes this modernity with its efficient engine, smooth transmission, optimal wheelbase, visibility and availability,” explains farmer Thierry Aubry. cabin comfort, and connectivity capabilities for precision farming.

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On the Beauvais campus, Massey Ferguson, which is also celebrating its 175th anniversary, ships up to 100 jars daily to its dealers.. 80% of the tractors produced on site are exported to more than 70 countries. “We produce the MF 4700 M, MF 5700M, MF 5S, MF 6S, MF 7S, MF 8S and MF 8700S series, with capacities ranging from 75 to 405 HP as well as all types of transmissions. »

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