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Gustavo Alvaro found the best way to turn the page on the bitter defeat against Brazil (2-0) and get motivated by Peru vs. Ecuador. The coach of the northern team organized an internal meeting to relieve pressure on his players. Therefore, as a good host, the technician was responsible for preparing food for all the guests.

Just as he does every time he zips into the technical zone, the Argentine strategist was responsible for moving his chops (meat, sausage, and other inputs) on the grill. With the help of his assistant Gabriel Wiener and more helpers, the former Boca Juniors verify that the cooking is suitable for his pupils and members of the delegation to enjoy the seasoning.

“I have 31 players, in total there are 53 … more collaborators”Alvaro commented on how many people have tried the asado. “This is a good game to direct, I have helpers who eat the field”Added specified in content shared on social networks.

In fact, on the official accounts of “La Tri” they introduced the video as ‘A very different game’ It’s Alvaro’s turn to direct. “Thus, the tricolor enjoyed the DT season., in an afternoon of healthy relaxation and absolute union, in the face of the next goal”Description of the national team.

Later, at a press conference, the coach revealed how they experienced that episode within the team. We had such a good time, and I’ve never been impressed by a lot (of people). In total we cook for about 90 people. I really love cooking and grilling,” he told the media.

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What did Alvaro say about the Peruvian national team?

The Ecuadorean coach analyzed the presence of the Blanciroga, who have not won after five matches in the qualifiers. Despite the difficult moment, the Argentine strategist admitted that his compatriot Ricardo Gareca is doing a great job and that is why they should trust each other on the eve of the meeting in Quito.

“The face of Peru is always complicated. Peru was working in a certain way, which gave Ricciardo the possibility to give his character to Peru, which allowed him to qualify for the World Cup, make the Copa America very good, and suddenly, after that, he started in the complex qualifiers. Depending on the result, the competitors and the harvest of points, One knows we can’t play this game given the rankings”, his opinion.


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