The American Booksellers Association reiterates its attacks on Amazon, this time demanding the US Attorney General. In a detailed presentation sent to the magistrates, he mentions the reasons why the professional association believes it justifies the removal of the multinationals, a Monopoly Guilty of “and anti-competitive behavior”.

According to the APA, Amazon holds 38% to 50% of the market share in e – commerce, doubling its dominance in the United States by controlling a significant portion of the market for IT activities. ” In the cloud , Via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

American booksellers first attack Amazon’s activities in the book industry, assuring that its market share in the online book trade is not equal to that of Standard Oil for petroleum without explicit intentions … before it was eliminated in 1911 … in the book industry, Amazon, publishing (Amazon Publishing) or digital books Kindle) frightens booksellers with, for a long time, total control of the book chain.

The ABA highlights Amazon’s financial capabilities, allowing it to outperform competition by pulling prices or campaigning using its raw opportunities. The system recalls complaints or suspicions of data manipulation from third-party vendors on the company’s market side.

The solution to ABA is clear: “ Amazon should be eliminated into at least four separate entities: retail, ecommerce site, web services and logistics. Furthermore, we emphasize that it would be better to separate the book trade from retail, in order to set the lowest possible price in the Amazon book industry. », The presentation says.

This is not the first time the American book industry has condemned the Amazon monopoly. Full document Can be accessed at this address.

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Shipping costs in Belgium

Closer to us, in Belgium, the Association of Independent Bookstores in French-speaking Belgium and the Philippines Bookstore have seized the suspension judge of the court of the French-speaking company in Brussels, forcing Amazon to pay the shipping costs of the forced books on the invoice. Its website. Site.

The Order on the Cultural Preservation of Books, adopted in 2017, is in fact some of the provisions relating to the sale of books in its Article 13, specifically mentioned in the invoice for single price respect and shipping costs.

Article 13. – When the book is sent to the buyer and not collected from the bookseller, the price – excluding shipping costs – is determined by the publisher, author or importer. A 5% discount on the cost of the installed delivery service can be used if the service is not provided free of charge or at a loss.

France: Amazon attacked for unfair competition

Plaintiffs demand compliance with Amazon’s order or 10,000 fine for breach Echo.

« The Booksellers Association does not defend an institutionalism, but a quality and diversification of offer , Mr. Pierre von Sherbensil Thim, Union Attorney explains.

Amazon, for its part, considers this order inapplicable and “ In contrast to the free movement of goods provided by the agreement relating to the activities of the EU “The security of the company will make its analysis before a judge next April.

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