The enormity of Vladimir Putin's words about abolition culture

The Russian president ridicules gender theory and abolishes culture. In its recent past, Russia has run the risk of individualistic thinking, which is why its rhetoric struck twice as much as that of rhetoric. It is yet another sign of the weakness and deterioration of our Western claims to moral youth

Morality is not my specialty, so if he gets too rich or treats too well, it’s good for him, because he did something important by giving body to a middle class and order to a nation devastated by the anti-Soviet revolution. As a result of its oligarchy rule. Russian President Vladimir Putin And surely referee style icon Unfortunately Like it because it’s bad, moves to net savings for political and civil liberties, limits freedom of expression of the press and society to the point of stifling it, violently violates rights with a slanted use of force, reaffirms and inflates even the traits of conformity and human subordination. Sofitex. Having said this, about a very special adversary, ready to supply us with the gas we need, to demand counterparts, to expand the scope of his Eurasian interests, to intervene in electronic guerrilla warfare and so on. He is not a naive ideologist at all.

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