CONMEBOL's instructions to referees justify penalty sanction against UC in Copa Libertadores

This Wednesday night The Catholic University of Palmeiras At the San Carlos de Abuquendo stadium, one way round of 16 from Editor’s Cup 2021, the match that ended with a positive balance for the Brazilians.

In it, the square of Sao Paulo Defeat the “Crusaders” at a minimum, but thanks to a controversial criminal being punished Judge from Uruguay Andres Mattonte, Which got all the criticism from UCSD and its fans.

However, in indicative Posted a few weeks ago by CONMEBOL To help with VAR arbitration awards, it can be noted ملاحظة Judge Carlos Benitez’s decision (Bolivia) to summon Mattonte To review the play, it was true.

it’s more, Uruguay’s final decision A certified As stated in the instructions of the governing body of football in South America. As can be seen in the picture, they arepunishIf the ball rebounds in the hand after hitting another part of the body before.

Juan Tagli’s Complaints in the Copa Libertadores

after hint Where (Carlos Benitez from Bolivia), Chara decided that there was the hand of German Lanaro In the UC area, so he did not hesitate to point out the penalty kick. Rafael Vega (41 ′) the scoring opened before the first half.

With the controversial play punished, From Las Condes, complaints and claims did not take long by UCF fans led by UCSD President, Juan Tagli, who had no problem trying to make match officials “unpresentable”.

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