You are in third place before the second day race this Saturday. A great result this time, right?

Obviously, we had a great platform and it was fantastic. We will deal with this second day attack because eventually the levels are short and with a small mistake you can lose three places. In addition, there is a guy behind me, he is a nine-time world champion (Sebastian Loeb, in three seconds), he put a red dot on me (smile), I cut it and told him to put the drums on Saturday (laughs). “

This Volkswagen Polo R5 from Saracen is right for you. Is this for your convenience?

“We have a good car, we feel comfortable in it. Our team boss (Stephen Sarrajin) is a competitor and he is constantly looking for performance. Everything is optimal, he listens to us, we are moving in the right direction. We have changed a lot of things together, but I have many I’ve been riding for years. No one has ever trained me like that. “

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Do you still remember the rookie you escaped on the tenth stage of some of the last specials?

“No obvious disappointment was just a point-stop. After that it was over because we had a very good rally. We wanted to be on the third step of the stage but I came here with a cold head.”

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