Schalke, Schalke

Division II football team FC Schalke 04 is one step closer to promotion. At SV Sandhausen, the Royal Blues celebrated a 2-1 (0-0) victory in the final minute.

With 10,000 fans climbing the rankings, the players ran back and forth across the pitch. FC Schalke04, What their legs give and roared for seconds: Goal! Goal! Goal! In the 90th minute, striker Simon Droot madly beat the Royal Blues 2-1 (0-0) at SV Sandhausen, but Werder Bremen lost 3-2 to take the top spot at the table. at the same time.

Little SV Sandhausen has rarely experienced such a football festival in its ten-year professional football history. Two-thirds of the stadium circle was occupied by fans in royal blue. An hour before the kick-off, fans were singing Schalke songs. Schalke coach Mike Buscans believed the atmosphere was a bonus boost.

Sun: Truce – Dykmeier, Dumik, Jirov, Okoroji – Zenga, Triple (79. Sweeney), Ajdini (79. Guol), Bachmann, Seifert (46. Kinzombi) – Testrod (79. Devil)

Schalke: Friesl – Windheim, Idakura, m. Kaminsky, Kalhanoklu (67. Ovgen) – Flick, Latcha (77. Paulson), Surlinov (90 + 4 Aidin), Bulder, Salazar (67. Idrisi) – Derod.

Tear: 0: 1 toroid (71st), 1: 1 dykemere (83rd), 1: 2 toroid (90 + 1)

He changed his team in three stages – Florian Flick, Danny Latcha and Targo Surlinov (Dominic Drexler) (suspended), Malik Diav and Victor Paulson (both on the bench). The game went as expected – just 20 minutes later, Schalke captured 74 percent of the ball. But the fact that the crowd of fans waved in royal blue did not make the sand houses tense. They confirmed their latest good form. In the second half of the table, SVS were third before the game and conceded just 13 goals in the last 14 games.

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Although Schalke fought furiously, every successful tackle was celebrated with applause: Schalke won only once in the opener in the first half. Simon Derot, Rodrigo Salazar and Marius Bulder were subsequently ruled out in the 19th minute after a Marc Kaminsky cross. Six minutes later Jalasar got another free-kick chance, but Truce saved it safely.

The complications of the attack were manifold: the crosses of Kerim Calhanoglu and Andreas Vindheim, who were on full backs, rarely came, and no one took the crossroads of the lively Targo Surlino. And Schalke’s strikers Deroth and Bulder rarely won from the duel. Between 30 and 40 minutes, when the fans calmed down a bit, Santosen leveled the game. Schalke fans continued to sing with good enthusiasm when referee Felix Squire (Berlin) blew the whistle for the break, but coach Puskens was thoughtful when the score was 0-0.

But Büskens told his supporters: It changed a bit after the break. Schalke often had the ball, but in critical situations, confidently defending sand houses always set foot on the road or won decisive battles. Long after the break, Salazar’s long-range shot, blocked by Truce, was the only chance for Schalke (49 ‘).

The scenery was first class, the game was long. Until the start of the brilliant final in the 71st minute: Targo Surlinov grabs the ball and hits it against the post – Simon Derot turns the rebound 1-0. The S04 fans were preparing for the big win when they made a mistake after a corner: Dennis Diegmire tied it at 1-1 (83 ‘). At the last minute, Derot pushed the ball over the goal line – the win. In extra time, Sandhäuser Alou Kuol looked at the red card and now emotions were boiling. After a while, the referee blew the whistle – the fans roared “Leading Player”!

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