Weather / Bavaria: Thunderstorms Reach Other Areas - Police Take First Stake
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It’s an up and down: after a few days of summer in Bavaria showing its best side, it will rain again with heavy thunder over the weekend.

Update from July 25 to 8.22am: Last night, heavy thunderstorms hit the Independent State again. Heavy rain and hail fell in some places. But Bayern once again seem to have turned a blind eye.

Storm in Bavaria: Trees and entire cellar collapsed, police say

Police in Bavaria reported about 70 operations Saturday evening as trees and entire cellars collapsed. However, no major damage has been reported so far, Rosenheim’s spokesman said. It was similar at the time in Alku, where police in Fusan talked about several broken branches.

The German Meteorological Agency (DWT) had earlier warned of heavy rains with heavy thunderstorms – in particular.
From night to Sunday. So the focus should be on the foothills of the Alps and the southern alpine.

But the risk of storms has not yet been ruled out: the next thunderstorm is already on the march: according to the DWT, rain and thunderstorms are expected again during the day, especially near the Alps.

Updated from July 24 at 10:35 pm: Most of the weather in southern Bavaria has calmed down again. However, the thunder cells now seem to have reached another part of Bavaria. “Warning of heavy rain and hail with thunderstorms” now applies to some parts of France. There is an official storm warning for the next hour in Worcestershire and the region. Heavy rain is also expected in the Newstodt under Ish / Bad Windshieme * and Unsbok districts. The region was hit by severe flooding just two weeks ago.

Weather in Bavaria: Thundershowers in Munich and eastern Bavaria

Update from July 24, 9:25 pm. Thunderstorms over Bavaria are moving further and further towards eastern Bavaria. DWT Warning Level Three now applies to the districts of Rosenheim and Transstein and to the city of Rosenheim. The DWT points out the potential dangers to the region: “Warning! Life is in danger if lightning strikes! In isolated cases, trees can be uprooted and roofs damaged. “

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Update from July 24, 8:32 pm: It will thunder and glow in the state capital for more than an hour. DWT alert level three also applies in the southern part of the Munich district. Meaning: “Heavy rain with rainfall up to 40 L / m prec per hour, as well as heavy squares with a speed of 100 km per hour and hail with grain sizes around 3 cm”. In the Ostalko district, the weather is now calm.

The thunderstorm has moved east from southwestern Bavaria. The DWT warns of strong thunderstorms over much of southern Bavaria.

© Screen shot of the German Weather Service

Thunderstorms in Bavaria: Warning stage four in Ostalgo district – Severe weather warning from DWT

Update July 24 from 7:21 pm: The front of the storm spread over large parts of Bavaria. Especially in the south, the DWT’s weather map is yellow, meaning warning level two. Warnings have been issued for heavy thundershowers and heavy rains in these regions. According to the DWT, the storms in Swabia are still very violent. The highest alert level currently applies to a district. In Ostalku, the DWT warns of “severe thunderstorms with hurricane force winds, very heavy rainfall and hail.”

Update July 24 from 6:06 pm: The DWT is issuing tertiary weather warnings for the district of Andrelco and the city of Memmington in Swabia’s administrative district. I.e. official storm warning with heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms. There are four warning weather conditions in total. The DWT warns of possible dangers in the affected region. Massive heavy rains are likely to cause “flooding of streams and rivers”. Landslides are also possible. “Close all windows and doors! Safe objects in the open!” Appeals to the DWD.

Thunderstorms are becoming more violent in Swabia. DWT issues alert level 3.

© Screen shot of the German Weather Service

Storm in Bavaria: DWT warns of heavy thunderstorms in three districts

Update from July 24, 5:20 p.m. In Upper Bavaria the storm is moving slowly further north. Meanwhile it has also reached the Munich district. The DWT warns that there will be more rain and thunderstorms, especially on Sunday night. The DWT’s weather warning map focuses on Upper Bavaria, in the foothills of the Alps and the Alps, and Swabia between Oxburg and New-Ulm. There is also an official warning of “severe thunderstorms” for Lower Franconia.

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Due to heavy rainfall, local flooding may occur. The flood news service Bavaria announced on Saturday that report levels on some rivers could not be ruled out. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places.

Update from July 24, 4:05 p.m. For some parts of Swabia, the DWT is now issuing an official warning of “heavy thunderstorms.” The districts of Dillingon and Der Donau, New-Ulm, Gonsburg and Oxburg are already experiencing heavy rains. This warning currently applies in Swabia until 5 p.m. According to the DWT, it was “windy at 70km / h”. In addition, heavy rainfall of up to 20 liters per square meter is expected.

The DWT warns of “severe thunderstorms” in Upper Bavaria and Swabia.

© Screen shot of the German Weather Service

Update from July 24, 11:53 am: The reported thunderstorm reached the Independent State in the morning. For example, it was accompanied by a thunderstorm in the morning in Alku. A police spokesman said there were no weather-related emergency calls. Authorities were alerted to a lightning strike in the open. Morning rain and thunderstorms moved to upper Bavaria.

Thunderstorms in Bavaria: Severe storms expected south of Munich – Thousands of lightning strikes expected

The DWT warns of heavy thunderstorms today, especially in areas south of Munich. According to meteorologists, the rain will leave the Alps in the direction of the foothills from the afternoon onwards. In the evening, the risk of storms increases again. Trees may also be terminal.

Thousands of lightning bolts were fired by DWT on Saturday. During the summer months it is not uncommon, but the intensity of thunderstorms is unusual, the meteorologist said. They have a lot of water. If the cells are expelled over Lake Stanberg, little will happen. The water level will only rise. However, in case of heavy rains in the mountains or rivers, the foundations may also be filled during the day.

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Original article dated July 24:

Munich – Blue skies, sunshine and summer temperatures: A view outside the window – The weekend begins with excellent weather on Saturday in many places in the free state. Unfortunately, this does not last long. The first thunderstorms have been spreading in Bavaria since the morning, and they are gradually spreading – and getting stronger and stronger.

Thunderstorms in Bavaria: The first storms came – with heavy rain and strong winds

Storms have already come from the west. Areas of Austalburg and Swabia – including the Oxburg and Landsburg Am Lake – as well as areas in Upper Bavaria such as Garmich-Bartenkirchen, Bad Dolce, Stornberg and Forstenbelt Brook are currently affected by official weather warnings.

Here the German Meteorological Service (DWT) warns of heavy rain and thunderstorms with strong winds. There is a risk of thundershowers near western Franconia, Swabia and the Alps from the afternoon. From the afternoon, it moves northeast from the Alps with some severe thunderstorms. These can bring violent winds – up to 100 kilometers per hour.

According to the DWT, evening storms should be particularly violent at the foothills and along the edge of the Alps. If it rains for several hours, it should rain up to 60 liters per square meter. Hailstones can be up to three centimeters long. By last Sunday night, the storm was spreading across Bavaria.

Weather in Bavaria: Thundershowers during the day – temperatures up to 30 degrees

But during the day there is not only an increased risk of thunderstorms: at the same time, temperatures throughout Bavaria rise to almost 30 degrees. It will continue to rain with thunder on Sunday night. After all: in some areas it can get as cold as 14 degrees at night. On Sunday the weather begins to change, with clouds and short sunny sections. Over the course of the day, thunderstorms again spread across the independent state. In addition, it is mucky and hot at 22 to 27 degrees.

According to the DWT, the cause of the weather is less than in Brittany, with hot, humid and unstable layer air reaching Bavaria from the southwest.

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