Guy Savoy in a relationship with Sonia Mabrouk: Expresses his pride in living in the Daily

The days are busy with Sonia Mabrouk. The new year journalist has started by taking charge of two daily shows, Medi News on CNews and political interview In Europe 1. Encounters that a companion never misses jay savoy. This is the reason why Yann Barthès took the liberty to launch his own about it while on a visit to day to day Friday, September 24, on the occasion of the publication of his book Autumn soup.

The 68-year-old famous Michelin-starred chef remarkably responded by launching his resolute companion in front of her guests, who are never afraid to embarrass them. There was, among others, the example with Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, who wished her “Merry Christmas” a few days ago in reference to the important budget of her ministry. The sharp little sentences that always make Guy Savoy laugh a lot and totally unwilling to believe his words. “Its introductions, I’m convinced, totally improvise. She would have been able to say it the day before, but now I think it’s totally improvised and that’s why it works so well’,” he said, visibly proud of the effect it produces each time.

The chef is in a good position to find out, he is the one who shared his life with Sonia Mabrouk (24 years younger) eight years ago. Last June, in the exhibition face the media With Jack Sanchez on Non Stop People, the journalist spoke about her tendency to follow every single one of her professional activities. “Read me and listen to meIt often happens to him to get annoyed with politicians and I often get angry direct messages“My family enjoyed it. Evidence of the love that documents it on a daily basis in the idea it represents.”The most beautiful love story for her“.

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