Hungary-France: With a forecast of over 30 degrees, watch out for the Budapest oven!

This is a parameter that the Blues staff cannot ignore. With a temperature of 33 degrees in the afternoon announced – a palpable 37 degrees – heat should play an important role during this second Group F meeting, this Saturday (3 p.m.). Since Wednesday evening, and their arrival in Budapest, the French national team players have had time to gauge the heat that surrounds the Hungarian capital. It’s not a heat wave yet, but we’re getting closer.

Realizing the impact this ambient furnace could have on the French’s performance, Didier Deschamps and his assistants staged the three consecutive training sessions to beat Germany in the middle of the afternoon. A way for the breeder and his men to begin accustoming organisms to the oppressive temperature.

The diet was also adapted to a penchant for fruits and vegetables filled with water, which Hugo Lloris confirms. “Heat is an important factor that alters all preparations, including nutrition, as Captain Blues explains. Hopefully there will be a water break (Editor’s Note: A refreshing break). No problem playing at 3pm. But at a temperature of more than 30 degrees, it is an important component. “UEFA, which we have requested, has not confirmed that a refreshment break will be organized. But the rules of the competition are clear and if the temperature rises above 32 degrees – which should be the case on Saturday – a “cooling break” takes place from 1 to 30 around the 25th and 70th minute of the match.

Generally, the decision is made after heating the difference with a wet globe thermometer, a device that allows to estimate the effects of temperature, humidity, and solar radiation on humans.

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The great break was created in 2014 by FIFA, and sometimes turned into tactical talk as in the Netherlands and Mexico during the World Cup in Brazil. Dutch coach Louis van Gaal admitted that he took advantage of the break to reorganize his team, which ended in victory.


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