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According to the head of Microsoft, the world of work will be the first to take advantage of the features offered by Metaverse.

Although promising, the Metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg promised is not yet ready to monetize our daily lives. However, some believe it is only a matter of time, such as Bill Gates, the billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft. According to the businessman, The world of work will be the first to benefit from technological advances Provided by Metaverse. To the degree of participation in virtual meetings within two to three years.

He is in his country Personal retrospective for 2021As the former head of Microsoft explained: “Most virtual meetings will shift from 2D camera image networks (…) to the metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars (…). There is still work to be done, but we are approaching the threshold as the technology begins to replicate The experience of being together in the office”. At the moment, the project is not really feasible, especially because of the fact that Very few people have a VR headset in their home. On this topic, Bill Gates is optimistic, because on his part he expects a kind of medium, which will make possible the appearance of 3D avatars in a virtual environment with spatial sound. A first step into the Metaverse as we imagine it.

Too optimistic, Bill?

If Bill Gates predicted the arrival of the Metaverse in a few years, this is not the case for Mark Zuckerberg. The head of Facebook, newly renamed in the Meta group, clearly shows his ambitions for his virtual world, which would allow him Enter the entire internet in the age of augmented reality. The entrepreneur appreciates a large-scale project, which will not be possible for five to ten years. It must be said that unlike Bill Gates, who foresaw the tangible applications of the Metaverse to our work habits, Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions are not only more episodic, but also more significant.

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