The creator of the series wants to hire a superstar from the Marvel universe

The gangster series is about to say goodbye. Finals are scheduled after Season 6. Is there a chance to play the superstar of the Marvel universe?

Six seasons later, Thomas Shelby (Celian Murphy) and his allies are on the verge of bowing. The sixth season of the series produced by the BBC will be last … It was created by Steven Knight, who explained in detail that the series will close shortly with a movie.

Peeky Blinders Depicts a family of Irish gangs in Birmingham, England. As their adventures progress, they face the opposite camps, the local police … the British fascists of last season. Actors come and go, besides, a famous English actor auditioned for a role a few years ago and could not convince the producers of this series. Since then, the actor in question has become an international superstar in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a huge cash pump already worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Spider-Man at home? Yes

This actor is definitely Tom Holland, Spider-Man Itself. Recently, Peter Parker’s young translator explained to the site LAD Bible That he was rejected by the teams Peeky Blinders. When asked a few days ago, during a preview of the sixth season, Steven Knight changed his mind and invited the young actor to join his team for the final film.

“He was definitely auditioning for an important role. He explained, If he wants to come back to the film, we will take him.

Unspecified: PhotoNew stunt with Cilian Murphy soon?

Nothing says that the young actor is now ready to return to his homeland to join a group of happy Irish bandits. With his $ 1.832 billion (still provisional balance) at the global box office, the actor became one of the most lucrative stars of Hollywood cinema. He is now trying to confirm the investigation with an adaptation ofUntitledIt has raised $ 155 million so far after two short week operations.

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Of Season 6 Peak Blinders, Meanwhile, this Sunday, February 27, will be broadcast on the BBC from 2022. In France, the last episodes of the series are expected on Netflix by the end of March.


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