France, Beluga stuck in the Seine, 90 km from Paris.  Spotted by a drone -
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The sample was first observed on Tuesday. The secret of how he entered the river, an environment that was inhospitable to him. Now experts are trying to push him towards the mouth

What is the belugas? They migrated during the hottest season It was a fact known to all marine biologists on the planet. However, these distinctive beluga cetaceans usually move north from the waters of Canada and the Bering Strait. So a secret like One specimen managed to swim south to the point of taking the Seine and reaching a few kilometers from Paris.

First sighted on Tuesday, along the nearby Grand French River Rawan. Firefighters and a team of researchers from the French Biodiversity Office intervened immediately. Mammals were identified thanks to a drone: from the first results, they appeared to be thinner than usual – The white bean can reach 5 meters in length and easily exceed a ton – with abnormal markings on the skin.

Symptoms, according to experts, from The unstable physical condition of the sample: These cetaceans are unable to survive, if not for a short time, in fresh water. for this reason Every effort is made to push the fish towards the mouth of the Seine. The operation that has failed so far due to the difficulties of approaching it: The mammals were stuck on Thursday between two dams, ninety kilometers north-east of the capital, without experts being able to assess their conditions because they are very elusive, due to the unfamiliar environment in which they are found. Along the Seine, especially in that stretch, dozens of boats sail, and the sea floor is noticeably less (and polluted) than the sea boats in which the schools of these protected species live.. This explains the order of the local authorities who have asked citizens to stay away from banks as much as possible.

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New attempts to get closer in the past few hours have yielded little results. Yesterday, Grard Mauger, vice president of the study group on cetaceans from outside the Alps, admitted toAfp: At this point we wonder what to do. At this moment, Lamia El-Samali, president of Sea Sheperd France, made it clear the priority was to be fed fish, even if it was frozen, so that she would not starve..

It was exactly the malnutrition that caused him The orca died last May and always found itself in the Seine: Unable to orient himself toward the sea, his body was recovered as the autopsy found an old bullet in the skull. Not even a month later, another case: a whale about ten meters high was seen between the bends of the river.

It is unusual for such fish to venture into the French hinterland. Report of the Pelagic Observatory, which specializes in marine mammals Only one precedent that Beluga participated in: It was 1948 and a fisherman found a specimen tangled in the nets It was thrown a short while ago into the estuary waters of the Loire.

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