In the United States, bonuses and holidays to encourage people to get vaccinated

D.Sectors with strong demand for labor, such as supermarkets, butcheries and farms, took the lead. Bolthouse Farms, a California-based company that sells carrots, smoothies and fruit juices, organizes weekly immunization sessions on its main site and pays $ 500 to full-time employees who accept the bite.

In the United States, vaccination centers can be set up on their own if companies begin to operate them during working hours, for free and for all workers, employees and subcontractors.

Meat company JPS pays $ 100 to vaccinated employees And products were distributed in multiple languages ​​to emphasize the safety and efficacy of vaccines. By mid-March, a third of its 60,000 employees had received the first dose. Many large supermarket chains compensate their employees for two or four pay hours.

This “Eliminates the need to choose between earning a living and protecting one’s health”, Emphasizes the manager of Aldi cheap stores in the United States.

If required, the destination chain refunds up to $ 30 per trip. Grocer stores offer a $ 100 bonus for those who are vaccinated and refuse to be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons if they follow a health education plan. “Single jobs” are taken into account
: Instacard Shopping Delivery site offers $ 25 for its delivery men, not their employees.

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Free donut

The boss of United Airlines raised the possibility of making the vaccine mandatory in January For its pilots, crew and other staff. The company is not yet in this position: it is still exploring who can access the vaccine in different states and how to secure distribution. But companies can usually force their employees to be vaccinated in the United States, says law professor Dorit Rice. “With a few reservations”However, he adds. Vaccines currently in use in the United States are under the Extraordinary Emergency Authorization Regulation “The legal framework is still uncertain”, Referring to the lawyer, emphasizing that each state can have its own instructions.

Companies will have to negotiate with the unions. Some employees may also request exceptions for medical or religious reasons. At the same time, employers can be sued for not acting with sufficient energy to prevent pollution. According to Dorit Rice, vaccination is mandatory for some organizations that work with vulnerable people, such as nursing homes or prisons.

To speed up the recovery of the economy, and therefore for consumption, some companies are relying on customers: Crispy Cream Chain offers free donuts to prove the vaccine until the end of the year, while Market Garden Liquor in Cleveland, Ohio Offer 10 cents of beer to the first 2,021 certified people.


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