On Tuesday (November 9, 2021) there was “Martin Rotter – Puppies Are Coming” on TV. When and where you can watch dog training with “These families are likely to be on the show:” as a repeat, whether on “classic” TV only or digitally in the media library, read here at news.de.

Martin Rütter – The Puppies Are Coming: Reunion, Part Two of RTL
Image: RTL, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

On Tuesday (November 9, 2021) “Martin Rotter – The Puppies Are Coming” was shown on TV at 3:45 pm. You have the shipment with RTL With “These Families Will Likely Be On The Show:” But You Still Want To See “Martin Rotter – The Puppies Are Coming”? TV Now RTL Media Library can come in handy here. Here you will find countless TV shows that you can stream online as VOD after they are broadcast. You usually find the program in the media library after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there won’t be a iteration of classic TV on RTL in the near future.

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“Martin Rotter – Puppies Are Coming” on TV: This is the topic of dog training

New dogs, new families and more animal experiences. This time around, the consequences of coordinating edutainment on animals accompany a total of 15 different families in their decision to take a puppy. Germany’s most popular dog expert, Martin Rotter and his team of experts support future owners on their first steps with their new four-legged family member. (Source: RTL, quoted by FUNKE Guides)

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All information about “Martin Rütter – Puppies Coming” on TV at a glance

TitleThese families are expected to participate in the show:

in a: RTL

With: Martin Rotter

year of production: 2019

Long: 60 minutes

in high definition: Yes

Next Broadcast Dates of “Martin Rütter – The Puppies Are Coming” on TV

Find out where and when you can watch the following issues of “Martin Rütter – The Puppies Are Coming” here:

Episode title(s) Series episode date time sender Duration
0 0 10.11.2021 3:45 pm RTL 60 minutes
0 0 11.11.2021 3:45 pm RTL 60 minutes
0 0 12.11.2021 3:45 pm RTL 60 minutes

(Information for season and episode numbers is provided by relevant broadcasters and may differ from designation in official episode guides)

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