Travaglio to Svergnini: “Enough of the usual moralizing and excommunication. Read what the Israeli newspapers write.”  On No7

“My arms are falling because we are starting again with the usual things, that is, with Apply ethical standards to questions that have nothing to do with ethics. Ethics could have applied in these cases Gino Strada But none of the governments confronting each other can commit to morality or say “I have no children on my conscience.” Let’s just thinkOperation Cast Lead carried out by Israel in Gaza Or at Wars in Lebanon“.So a Eight and a half (La7) Manager A daily occurrenceMarco TravaglioComments on words Baby save me Who is in a heated confrontation with the former ambassador Elena BasilHe scolded her for putting her on the same level Israel and Hamas.

“Let’s not go down this slope because it’s useless,” Travaglio adds. “It only makes us look good in front of the mirror and say: ‘I stand in solidarity, I signed the appeal, and now I write a fiery editorial and call them ‘monsters’, ‘pigs’.” “The pigs,” I, “used the most terrible adjectives.” And what was the result? – Points – What They continue to hate us more and more every year. In Africa they are doing one coup after another because they hate us. Hamas finds fertile ground among children who grow up in hatred because they are forced to live in those conditions, and thus carries out attacks knowing that behind them there are millions of people who they did not have before.”

The Il Fatto manager continues to take a look Corriere della SeraLast year, it published the list (complete with photos) of members of the alleged network Supporter of Putin“So the question is: Why does everyone hate us? Are they all bad or have we done something too? But look, they’re asking this question All Israeli newspapers from right and left. I will point this out before the list of “Friends of Hamas” arrives, after the list of “Putinists,” because There is no limit to silliness and obscenity. So, instead of chanting like the ultras of the Curva Sud or the Curva Nord, let’s read what the Israeli newspaper writes Haaretz“.

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Travaglio reads a passage from the Israeli newspaper (“The disaster that befell Israel during the Simchat Torah holiday It is clearly the responsibility of one person: Benjamin Netanyahu“) He confirms: “The Israeli newspapers say that because it is a democratic country. Why do we have to be less democratic than the Israelis and start excommunicating ourselves? But is there really someone who would believe – and continue – that we stand with Hamas because we say give it? Oslo Accords For how long will the justification for keeping the lands occupied in 1967 waiting for peace no longer exist, and that thirty years of hatred caused yesterday’s horrific massacres? This is the right way out of it. If we continue to make amends and talk big, we will last 50 years but we will not solve anything.”

Severgnini disagrees and repeats: “I know very well the things you said and I can even share them with you, but we are not doing things of enthusiasm, with all the mistakes we may have made. Here it is not a question of being good or bad because In this case there are good guys and bad guysDo we want to understand it or not?
There are bad guys – Travaglio answers – The only righteous people are the real victims in Ukraine, as in Israel and Palestine“.


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