Chelsea take an option for the final


London (AFP) – Despite the absence of N’Golo Kanté and Thiago Silva, Chelsea had a significant advantage over Tottenham on Wednesday in the first leg of the semi-finals of the League Cup, winning 2-0 at Stamford Bridge.

As Thomas Toussaint’s men controlled the debate, the two executives’ last-minute sets reported their positive tests to the Blues this morning.

Saul Nguyen’s excellent performance with Jorgeinho in midfield – which he has not had in his favor since coming from Atletico Madrid this summer – greatly illustrates the tactical change made by the physiology and German coach of the competition.

He set aside the traditional pattern of three central defenders between 4-5-1 and 4-2-2-2, which his mentor Ralph Ranknick would not have denied at Manchester United today.

Touchel decided to give Romelu Lukaku an opportunity immediately after his penitentiary match outside the group on Sunday in shock (2-2) against Liverpool.

Belgium, who publicly apologized for their comments in an interview with an Italian television channel about their situation in London, could have almost died in the semifinals if they had turned their heads 3-0 in the 41st minute. Shepherding the post.

But overall he did a good job of undermining forward and got along well, especially with Hakim Jiech.

Within a week at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, just before the return match, the Blues would be satisfied, and this advantage was acquired in almost two opposing prizes.

The opening goal came from a ball that Spurs lost near their goal that allowed Coy Howarts to appear against Hugo Loris.

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The German strike was almost saved by Davinson Sanchez in his order, but the Colombian player instead removed the ball from his cage (1-0, 5th).

The second record was a goal-kick, a free kick from Chelsea was attempted by a header but was sent down by his teammate Ben Davis (2-0, 34 ‘).

Chelsea strikers Romelu Lukaku (L) and Tottenham Harry Kane fight in the first leg of the FA Cup semi-final in London on January 5, 2022. Adrian Tennis AFP

But with Antonio Conte’s men attacking almost nothing, Senegal will not be able to get the final score after going to the Africa Cup of Nations without worrying about who will replace Edward Mendi in the upcoming tournament.

The other half, who had planned to field Arsenal against Liverpool against the Emirates on Thursday, was postponed due to a high number of Govt cases among the Reds.

January 13 at Anfield was originally the return leg, so it would be the first leg, and the teams would meet in London a week later to decide.


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