The farce council “supervises” the elections

Venezuela elections

The Venezuelan dictatorship approved yesterday the new electoral council that will oversee the upcoming presidential elections. farce.

It is dominated by prominent members of the Chavez regime, including two sanctioned by the US Treasury Department. The prime minister who will be the referee in the upcoming elections is Grammy Elvis, the new president of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela. A guarantee for Maduro given that Amoruso “came out” in the last months of 15-year politics Maria Corina Machado, the opposition candidate who is leading in all opinion polls and who will easily defeat the dictator. He accepted it, and always under Amoruso’s supervision as well Freddy Superlano And he had been banned politically, after the defeat of Chavista in November 2021 in the state of Barinas, Chavez’s home state.

Amoruso also signed the decree that excommunicated him Juan Pablo GuanibaAnd depriving him of the position of governor of Zulia state because he refused to bow to the orders of the dictatorship. In March 2018, Amoruso’s son, Jesús Hidropo, appeared in a list published by the Panamanian government identifying 55 Chavista officials, including Maduro himself, as being at “high risk” of money laundering, terrorism and proliferation. mass destruction. On more than one occasion, Venezuelans have asked Elvis Amoruso on social networks about the bizarre standard of living his son boasts of. Jesus Hydrobowho is recovering from an induced coma after a failed capillary treatment.

Paolo Manzo, August 25, 2023

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