Don't Forget the Words video: Nagui enjoys flirting with Cruella and thinks of Mélanie Page

On Monday July 12, 2021, Nagui and Cruella played each other excitedly against a backdrop of seduction in an unforgettable set of lyrics. Quickly, the producer did not fail to think of his wife Melanie Page …

Nagui gives everything to entertain the viewers Don’t forget the words. He always teases him with his bands as with the Maestro and his rivals, The host takes every opportunity to entertain the show…when he’s not holding Fabian Haimovichi, or Magali Ripoll, it’s the voice aka Cruella’s turn to take his place. his real name, Gaëlle Leroy does not allow herself to be intimidated by the host. Sometimes you come to get it…

Thursday, July 1, 2021, it was Melanie Page’s husband who started hinting that Cruella had not been pardoned due to her beneficial physique. When a competitor asked Cruella what she looked like, Nagui was quick to respond: “Oh no no, better not! Do not go on this earth! Cruella obviously replied: So I think I’m very pretty but it seems Nagui isn’t.”. Nagy did not stop himself from moving forward with his joke: “I’m not the only one, sorry Cruella! With Fabian, we’ve been talking about it regularly together. Unfortunately… Out of respect for children, we prefer to avoid it And then no operation can catch up with the stock, we can’t!

Cruella and Nagui are in great shape!

physically beneficial or not, Cruella doesn’t hesitate to use her sweet voice sometimes to play witches. On Monday, July 12, 2021, this was the case as she repeated the words of singer Anna to help the challenger remember the words she had to find. “I called you five minutes ago, my angel, but….. “Nagoy took the opportunity to enter the latter’s seductive game.”You never spoke to me like that!Then Cruella confirmed:You little demon…Nagoi replied:I’m starting to like him”. So Fabian Haimovichi called: “Take a room!“Naji finally remembered that he was married”:I have to talk to Mélanie about it (page, editor’s note)! What is happening is so embarrassing…Fabian Haimovichi concluded by suggesting a meeting of up to three, while Nagoi said:As usual !

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