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NASHUA, N.H. — Donald Trump has won Republican primaries In New Hampshire. An expected victory, that victory over Nikki Haley – the former governor of South Carolina, who does not intend to withdraw from the race – which the media confirmed with her victory. 54.9% against the 43.2% (After counting 91% of the votes).

It was Nikki Haley who spoke first, when the vote count was still at 20% and the gap between the two was about 7 percentage points smaller: “I want to congratulate Trump on his victory. He got it. But the race is not over yet.”. He thanked voters “for the love they gave me in New Hampshire” and the governor Chris Sununu Who supported her “in every event, like a true friend.” But above all, the former governor of South Carolina confirmed that she will not retire: her next stop will be in her state, at the end of February.

The former US president immediately commented angrily on social media to Truth: “Haley said she would win in New Hampshire. he did not do!!! delirious!!! And last week she came in third.” Shortly thereafter, in an aggressive speech toward his rival, at the party at the Sheraton Hotel in Nashua, Trump repeated: “He didn't win. He lost. He talked like he won, but he had a bad night.” He said he's going to South Carolina now but first there's Nevada on February 8th, and I can already tell you I already won Nevada. If she wins the nomination, she will be investigated within 15 minutes For the little things he doesn't want to talk about.”

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“This in New Hampshire is the most important victory, because it comes after Iowa,” Trump continued. We're going to have a great election in November and we're going to turn this country upside down. “I can't wait to face the worst president in the history of our country.” Donald then reiterated that Haley “must abandon the race, otherwise we will have to keep wasting money instead of spending it on Biden, which is our goal.”

On stage, alongside Trump, was the businessman Vivek Ramaswamy And the senator from South Carolina Tim Scottformer Republican primary rivals who have announced their candidacy support For the businessman. And talking about the silence of a guest Howie Carr ShowTrump has hinted that the South Carolina senator may be his choice for the role vice president“He's the one I look up to.”

Also worth noting is Joe Biden's “symbolic” victory in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire In which the US President did not officially participate. Biden came in first as a “write-in” candidate, meaning he voted as a preference not previously printed on the ballot. In fact, the New Hampshire Democratic primary was held outside of the new Democratic Party calendar. But the state rebelled and kept them anyway: as “punishment” New Hampshire would have no delegates. “It is clear that Trump will be the Republican nominee” in the presidential election scheduled for November, Biden said in a memo. My message to the country is clear: the stakes could not be higher. It's about our democracy and our personal freedoms, from the right to choose to the right to vote. Our economy has achieved the strongest post-Covid recovery in the world. “Everything is at stake.”

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