Another deer draw

They leave Jalisco alive and dream of the league

Despite their 25th minute lead, the Venados were unable to maintain the advantage and ended up holding a 1-1 draw with Tapatío on their visit to Akron Stadium, as part of Round 14 of the 2021 Guardians Tournament of the Expansion League.

Jhory Celaya (25 minutes) put the Yucatecans allotted number and Zahid Muñoz matched cards at 62 ‘.

The house set the starting conditions and pressed the Eucatican. Indeed, Villalobos had an unbeatable opportunity to put a number on the scoreboard, but after a good cut on Alfonso Luna, he backed down to look for a penalty the referee hadn’t finally awarded.

After the initial panic, the Venados were ordered back and began putting the plays together, mainly on the right wing with Raphael Doran and a flogging of Celaya.

He hit the first bell in the 20th minute, when Jhory burst onto the left and headed towards goal, dropping a left-handed projectile that hit Jose Rangel’s chest.

Five minutes later, in the same play, Venadus opened the score. It was a ball that Cardoso played and he won and gave to Celaya. Without thinking, the midfielder started on the right path and on the edge of the area fired a cross 1-0.

From the 30th minute, Tabatio closed spaces and put pressure on the peninsula, who withstood the attacks led by Ronaldo Cisneros and Adrian Villalobos.

The sequel began with two adaptations by Yucatán: Guillermo Madrigal and Damián Torres entered Khaled Amador and José Baldovinus, respectively.

The tonic has been preserved with a purposeful Tapatío and Venados in the back.

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It was 62 minutes when the house scored the equalizer with a powerful shot from Zahid Muñoz from outside the area.

After their eighth tie this season, Venados reached 18 points and settled in ninth place in the league area.

The centuries will conclude the tournament, which will be played at home against Atlante, in Round 15 next Wednesday.


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