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worry and worry about Queen Elizabeth. His health conditions would not be great. For this reason, her doctors had advised her not to go to London on September 5, when the winner of the Conservative party primaries is given the position of prime minister, following the resignation of Boris Johnson. The tradition, in fact, is that the appointment takes place at Buckingham Palace or at Windsor Castle. The nominees are Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. This year, however, there may be a change in plans.

The king, in particular, will have gods movement problems Which recently forced her to manage her official obligations differently. His Majesty is currently in Balmoral, in Scotland. There he has been vacationing since last July. Given her condition, it is not excluded that the new Prime Minister of Scotland will go to her for opening ceremony.

But at the moment, nothing is certain. Buckingham Palace has not made any announcements. according to PeopleHowever, it will be announced next week. The source said: “The Queen was advised not to travel.” Sun -. Naturally No one can tell the Queen what she can do It is his decision in the end.”

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