He lives without electricity, isolated in a tiny house: the reason might surprise you

Is it possible to live in 2023 without electricity? Let’s find out all the details about an experiment conducted by a woman.

House in the woods – NanoPress.it

there electric current It is now used by everyone. Only a few regions of the world – the poorest and most remote from population centers – still lack this indispensable resource. electricity It allows everyone to meet any daily needsWhether at home or anywhere else.

Electricity allows you, in fact, to heat the water and the internal temperature of the house, to allow you to cook the dishes you are going to bring to the table, to clean the floors, to watch TV, to do whatever step we now consider to be fully deducted.

Whenever there is a blackout or a temporary blackout, we all feel completely overwhelmed, as if we are no longer able to do any kind of activities. Even turning on the light, in fact, can only be done in the presence of electricity.

live without electricityTherefore, it seems impossible in 2023. Despite this, a lady asked this question to all her followers on her YouTube channel, specifically whether it is possible. Living in a secluded house without electricity.

To live fully without electricity is, of course, absolutely impossible. However, there are some strategies to reduce this consumption. Here are the reflections of the woman.

Living Without Electricity Today: A Woman’s Reflections On The Web

The woman in question posted a video posing some Questions about excessive use of electricity in everyday life. The protagonist of the video is called Erica and posted the content on his YouTube channel – ‘Unnatural house.

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electric current
Electricity – iMilanesi.Nanopress.it

Erica lives in a secluded house located in a very small village. during his daily life It tends to reduce electricity usage as much as possible to carry out his usual activities.

In the video, the woman asks her followers questions about the use of electricity even when it is not necessary. Therefore, his position is not one taken against the total use of electricity. Women know that it is indispensable for cooking, lighting rooms and other “vital” aspects.

However, his criticisms are aimed at other uses, considers it completely unnecessary. For example, people ask questions about how everyone is cleaning their homes now.

In fact, the use of various vacuum cleaners with the latest fashion and advanced technologies seems superfluous. Let’s find out all the questions Erica asked in her YouTube video.

Using electricity when it is not needed: inversion

the woman wonders How did people in the past clean the house without using such technological tools. Using a bucket, water, and essential oil, he shows you how to clean the floors of your home without consuming electricity.

live without electricity
Living without electricity – iMilanesi.Nanopress.it

Alternatively, to collect dust before washing the floor, use a broom and paper towels. As for cleaning other surfaces, Use water and Marseille soap onlywithout other chemical and polluting cleaners.

He also points out that once the clothes are clean, thus washing with soapy water and lots of elbow grease, Without using the washing machine. Same thing for drying clothes. They lay in the sun, as there was no dryer at all.

Use of some household appliancesFinally for women It can be greatly reducedEspecially when you have plenty of time.

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Using less electricity saves a lot of money on your bills. Quite a positive thing, especially in a difficult period from an economic point of view like the one we are going through.

live without electricity
Living without electricity – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

Technology, as always, helps to improve people’s overall comfort and convenience. However, Erika’s goal is to get people to think about how many times technology can be reduced. a way to Rediscover ancient traditions and consume much less electricity than average. What do you think?


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