In this country you can visit the oldest tree in the world

In this country you can visit the oldest tree in the world. You can't miss it if you're interested in what it is like and if you like that kind of thing.

The oldest tree in the world –

We reveal to you what could be, according to some scientists,The oldest tree in the world. No one expected this tree to be the one which we strongly advise you not to miss if you are planning to visit this particular country in the world.

What is the oldest tree in the world?

The world is full of wonderful trees, like the Tree of Lights on the Lake. It is also possible that there is what could be identified as the oldest tree in the world. It is a special type of tree, A Fir treewhich may have been around since then 9550 years! This is a record number of years, which sparked everyone's curiosity, especially a team of researchers who wanted to dig deeper into the matter.

Beautiful tree –

Especially in recent years when the trend of tourism the places Certain species have really multiplied, and there are many people who want to find out, for example, what is the oldest tree in the world. Below we give you some additional characteristics of this spruce and above all we reveal its whereabouts so that you can visit it as soon as possible.

It is located directly in this country

A team of researchers from Umeå University has been studying a species of Norway spruce for some time, which could be considered the oldest in the world. This is Picea excelsa, a species of tree that can be up to 9,550 years old and is located in the Fulufjället Mountains in Sweden. This is the country where you can visit this tree, known today as Old Tjiko. It could be the only living stem of an ancient cloning colony like Pando, according to

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Forest of trees –

According to various sources on the internet, Norway spruce would be the one Pine Compact evergreen, which will increase by a few centimeters every year. In fact, it will be 10 centimeters per year. Its growth is independent, as it is preferred not to need cutting. It also features short, bright green needles. It tends to grow more easily in loose, slightly acidic soil. And this is exactly the tree that can be considered the oldest in the world and which we advise you to visit. During one of your weekend trips, you can also decide to visit Sweden and immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of this forest that is home to Norway spruce trees. And not just anyone, but a testimony to ancient life on our Earth.


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