Cinema tickets can now be paid with Bitcoin

AMC Theaters is one of the most popular movie companies and theaters in the United States and Canada. Although they were part of a number of controversies over the acquisition of the US company by a Chinese company in 2015, good news is now coming. Well, the managers announced that Bitcoin would be accepted to pay for movie tickets in different theaters of the company.

Now you can buy your movie tickets with Bitcoin

AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aaron shared a quarterly earnings call on Monday that the company is setting up IT logistics to support Bitcoin payments. Similarly, cryptocurrencies are expected to be the accepted payment system in AMC theaters by the end of the year.

It is noteworthy that Aaron pointed out in the revenue call that the chain will support Bitcoin in all theaters in the United States for online payments of both movie tickets and offers.

In this way, the move brings together two significant investments in headlines throughout the year. Bitcoin, of course, is known to be the leading asset behind the broader cryptocurrencies, and AMC, with its stake this year all reddit WallStreetBets with companies like GameStop for exaggeration.

Finally, the Actions During the retail renaissance the AMC increased by more than 1,000%. This week’s earnings report showed statistics for AMC that were better than expected, including earnings that exceeded analysts ’expectations.

AMC shares grew as they were allowed to pay for movie tickets and their shares with Bitcoin.
AMC shares grew as they were allowed to pay for movie tickets and their shares with Bitcoin. Source: Business Vision

Aaron also expressed confidence that the fourth quarter could finally be the quarter in which profits return.

AMC shares rose more than 3% thanks to Bitcoin

Now that AMC has joined the growing list of public trading companies that implement Bitcoin in one form or another in their business, this growth is not surprising.

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Of course, Fintech and nearby companies, such as Square and Micro Strategy, are adding bitcoin to their balance sheet. PayPal has been very crypto-friendly lately. In recent weeks, Musk pointed out that Tescla could hold up to 42,000 BTC.

Auction house Sotheby’s recently adopted cryptocurrencies and also lists NFTs. Non-traditional companies, including Microsoft’s Xbox and Starbucks, have also joined the ranks to explore crypto payments.

Can AMC open the door for more companies to integrate cryptocurrency payments in the United States?


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