Theft and washing of cars and operating machinery in northern Italy |  arrests |  The operation started in Turin

The Traffic Police of Turin (Team of the Judicial Police of Piedmont) defeated an organization made up of Italians, Albanians and Egyptians dedicated to the reception of stolen goods and the international recycling of stolen cars and operating machinery in Northern Italy. The investigations, coordinated by Prosecutor Paolo Scavi of the City Prosecutor’s Office, led to the arrest of 14 people on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. Three people are still wanted, and they will also be arrested. Many people have similar convictions. In addition to those arrested, there are also eight suspects at large.

During the investigation, it was traced that 12 high-value cars and 10 agricultural and construction machinery, such as excavators, concrete mixers and road rollers, were washed, all for an estimated amount of one million euros. As confirmed, all the vehicles were heading to Gambia, Egypt, Slovenia and Albania. Some vehicles have been identified and seized in Italy, Albania, Switzerland, Slovenia and Belgium.

The investigation was launched thanks to a report from the Slovenian police in December 2020, which indicated a place, in Via Pinchia in Turin, where luxury cars were being loaded onto an unsuspecting tow truck, contacted by the organization. A witness provided several clues to track down the gang. In addition to Turin, buyers also worked in Milan, Pavia and Lodi. The seizures were carried out in Lecco, Bari and Naples.

Most of the thefts, especially of construction site vehicles, occurred at night and on weekends, when they were left unattended. Among the victims of car theft, the preferred car rental companies were among the victims of car theft, as the cars were rented and not returned. It is believed that the leading figure in the organization is an Egyptian resident of Chiasso, Switzerland, who was arrested in Milan, where, moreover, most of the arrests took place. Other arrests took place in the provinces of Turin, Alessandria, Piacenza, Pavia, Cremona, Bergamo and Como.

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