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Julieta Venegas and bad bunny “Hallowcid” stars in “Lo Siento BB,” the first single from which will be Puerto Rican artist and producer Tainy’s debut album, which was released on Tuesday.

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In a phone interview with Efe, the Mexican producer, singer, and songwriter said the idea to work together came from the Puerto Rican producer.

“When I heard what I’m making, I really liked everything Tinny did and was streaming with this topic and I’ve been a fan of Bad Bunny for over a year thanks to my daughter”Mexican singer.

Although he was unable to attend the interview, Bad Bunny indicated to Evie in a written letter that he was “raving” about the experience, because despite his multiple jobs with the producer, the fact that he is able to “share voices” with Julita Venegas is unbelievable. for him.

“It’s something I never imagined and that’s why it fills me with so many emotions”, Indian. It’s a feeling shared by Venegas and adds to the funniest part of the experience.

“As an artist, I have been committed to experimentation and change for many years. I think art is the opposite of what is static, and with all that we have been through with the pandemic, I think we all want to play and have fun, to have a good time”The artist stated.

That is why she did not even think about it when composing a sensual and sensual introduction to the song, which she presented with her unmistakable piano and voice, although sometimes the lyrics seem atypical to her.

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“Without fear, father, come and give me more,” The artist sings in the song and when she repeats it in the interview she laughs when she explains that something came out “naturally” and that the end result for her is “very happy and satisfied”.

“Lo Siento BB” is the opening clip for “DATA”, Tainy’s first studio album, who was named Producer of the Year for the second time in a row in his latest rendition of the Latin Billboards.

In addition, last week he earned four Latin Grammy Award nominations, in the Album of the Year categories, as Producer of Bad Bunny’s “The Last Tour of the World.” Song of the Year, for “Water,” the lead track for the latest SpongeBob character movie; And he competes with himself with “Agua” and “Dákiti”, in the best urban hit.

“This is my first song and I’m glad I was able to do it with artists I really like. With Benito (Bad Bunny) I’ve worked with many jobs and with Julieta, who I’m a fan of. It’s my goal for the rest of the songs”, The artist indicated.

He wants to include works with his friends like Anuel AA, J Balvin, Jhay Wheeler, Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers and with “unexpected” others he hasn’t worked with before.

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