Sabo Romo, from Kaifanis, lost vision in his left eye after being attacked months ago


Kivans’ bassist, Sabo Romo, had a hard time as the musician revealed that he had lost the vision in his left eye after being assaulted by a person on the streets of Mexico City.

It was during an interview with Javier Poza that Romo confirmed that he is in the process of getting used to it; But he stressed his confidence in the medical developments that are being recorded every day.

“It’s completely broken, and it’s a process of getting used to, I think, because the macula, which is the membrane in front of the eye, has a major injury, and at least today, as well as in a lot of other things, there are major medical advances. With this particular problem of the macula, it’s not there is a lot to do “,

The band member with hits like “Don’t Let It Go,” “The Cell Explodes” or “Outside,” explained that the situation he is facing is not very dangerous given the pandemic the world is experiencing and the millions of deaths that have left the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

“It’s one of the consequences of the attack, well, finally I think it’s like a picata minute because I’m alive, I’m happy, the environment is there, despite the fact that COVID has already taken a lot of people out of us. Well, the mission, just like for you is Climbing, we climb in a different way, and fortunately we have a great possibility to play again,”

Attack on Sabo Romo
At the beginning of last year, the Cayvans bassist was attacked in the streets of the office of Mayor Benito Juárez, when Sabo asked the driver to respect the pedestrian lines.

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Romo’s request infuriated the driver and assaulted the musician. After a while of the attack, Humberto Francisco “IN” was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on February 27, 2020 when he was in a commercial plaza located on Patriotismo Avenue.


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