Jennifer Lopez is a living icon of fashion. She imposes it. Her fashion shows and branding have been part of her style throughout her career. This time again she is the center of attention for her appearance like royalty in a stunning wardrobe at the Dolce & Gabbana event in Venice, Italy.

J.Lo became a true goddess with her style full of rhinestones, jewels and hand embroidery at the Italian company’s exclusive show in Venice, highlighting the Elle Gate.

In various photos shared by the “Diva of the Bronx” on her Instagram, the appearance of the Renaissance queen style that has stolen the hearts of thousands of her followers is shown.

At 52, the star has designed sophisticated outfits with floral prints, rhinestones, gold accessories, diamonds, and even a tiara.

“Grandiosa entre dos góndolas, como una reina, así reapareció una espectacular Jennifer López en Venecia con un look de Dolce & Gabanna en una serie de posts en su cuenta de Instagram que dejó a más de uno sin respiración”, el portals de People in Spanish.

Elle magazine reports that the look consists of high-waisted suit pants with a black background and floral embroidery and is accompanied by a beaded “short top”, both with a hood that covers their shoulders and “looks” all the way through their feet, forming a small tail at the back.

Elle adds that the cap is made of a gorgeous green fabric embroidered with floral prints and jeweled buttons.

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