Raphaël Gérard, vice president for the fourth batch of Charante-Maritime, spoke to the legislature on Monday evening during a review of the vaccine pass program. He talked about his experience with Kovit, which had consequences for him.

Monday evening was a rare moment during the election of representatives of the vaccine pass program in the National Assembly. Raphaël Gérard, LREM vice president of the fourth district of Charente-Maritime, addressed his colleagues and right-wing or left-wing opponents, especially those who deny interest in the vaccine campaign.

He was diagnosed with Govt disease in March 2020 in Kandal. He was admitted to a hospital in Ariel, where he spent 12 days in an artificial coma in intensive care. In 12 days he was almost dead. Since then, he has not fully recovered, and he is one of tens of thousands of patients suffering from chronic goiter.

So before the assembly, which was discussing the eligibility of the vaccine pass, he challenges the delegates.

Dear comrades, we are talking about a thing that killed 130,000 people, created tens of thousands of people, and loved me, and you know what stages I went through, my loved ones’ have to live to the end. Their days with Govt effects.

Raphaël Gérard, Member of Parliament for Charente-Maritime

To those who instigated the vaccine pass as an attack on freedom, he responded harshly:

You can label freedom everywhere, but it is not a set of rights. It is a set of duties and a set of rights, which is the balance between rights and obligations. Today I carry my freedom, 30cm cables and three kilos of gear all over the clock, until my days are over. I ask myself if I am going to eat peanuts, if I can get out safely or if I am going to go to this hell again.

Raphaël Gérard, Member of Parliament for Charente-Maritime

Protecting caregivers, he emphasized the immense presence he had experienced during the six months he spent in the hospital or rehab center. “These people, I’ve lived with them for six months, I know these people, I know their commitment, I know their frustration, so stop making all the topics essential so that you seem to have the answers. If you have the answers, you will. Instead of criticizing them without presenting anything constructive. Proposed, which is in line with the expectations of our fellow citizens.

Rafael Gerrard, who was interviewed Tuesday evening in the regional newspaper Poitou-Charentes by France 3, returned to this special moment, explaining that he had been talked about because the discussion on relevant topics such as “eating sweets at TGV” had dragged on. When it comes to human life.

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The report received a lot of reactions and messages from him in front of the national delegation.

I had a lot of insults and incomprehensible messages, what they are, what they are used for, but thanks to Charente-Maritime and many others in France for saying our name, we feel we are not in it. Discussion.

Raphaël Gérard, Member of Parliament for Charente-Maritime

The review of the health pass plan is set to resume in the National Assembly on Tuesday evening.


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