Photo Jean-Luc Reichmann with his grandmother Georgette at the centenary

On August 8, 2021, Jean-Luc Richmann’s grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday. She deserved a little video in which we see Mamie Georgette inflicting a stinging Scrabble defeat on her opponents. No doubt about Georgette!

Jean-Luc Reichmann is very present on social networks, sharing many humorous videos with his subscribers, excerpts from his show The 12 strikes in the afternoon and sometimes Snapshots of his daily life. For a few days translator leo mate In vacation mode, netizens are making their mouths drool by flooding their Instagram account with photos of delicious meals, paella, cheese platter, and fresh salads, enough to inspire those without ideas…

But in this August 7 outing of culinary inclinations, Jean-Luc Reichmann is giving his fans big fun by revealing new photos of his grandmother Georgette that netizens now know all too well. The latter was then about to celebrate its centenary. “100 YEARS‼️… Mami Georgette’s birthday weekend 08/08/1921. What a joy it is to be together to share all these good moments”Natalie LeCoultre’s husband is happy and has moved on. Subscribers did not fail to send their best wishes to Grandma Champagne.

“preserve memory”

Enough to make Jean-Luc Reichmann want to share more. On August 8th, Georgette’s 100th birthday, her grandson unveiled a video in which we see the old lady hitting her pants in a scrabble in front of the host’s mother and wife, Natalie. “Grandma I won againWe hear Jean-Luc Reichmann say during this Georgette humbly shrugged.Well, it preserves the memory“, She says with a smile. Internet users immediately fell in love with Georgette. “It’s exceptional,”She is the heroine of Georgette“,” She’s pretty Granny Georgette! I miss you so much, enjoy every moment I spent with her‘, they fired To Rosalie’s father. No doubt he will be able to take advantage of these precious moments…

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