Kasper Schmeichel et Mohammed Salah.

The Reds, still facing hotter Leicester in the match against Manchester City two days ago, were beaten in the 59th minute by Salah’s missed penalty and opening score.


Valorous, Caspar Schmeichel hates the Reds’ attack
Caspar Schmidt, son of Manchester United legend Peter Smichel, had one of the greatest games of his career. His stoppage in the 15th minute of Salah’s penalty was decisive because thanks to him, the Foxes stayed in their match and relied on Lukman to take charge early on. He holds the record for the only goalkeeper in a league goalless draw (1-0) against Liverpool this season. Tonight he mentally ate the salad that was nowhere to be found after the missed sentence. The Danish goalkeeper held the house until the last minute and made capital marches in the last 15 endless minutes of the meeting.

Lukman, the turning point of the competition
He entered the game and opened the whole of the encounter. While the Foxes had not yet created a strike, he came on to replace Chaudhry (56th) and hit the opener three minutes later, leaving Liverpool in a very precarious situation of not knowing how to get out. He directed the foxes’ attack with his deep calls and his excellent exchanges with Kieran Duisbury-Hall in the left lane. He is the only player to score in the meeting and is the second player in this historic match for Leicester.

Ademola Lukman scored the only goal of the hour. Lindsay Barnaby / AFP

Management by Brendan Rodgers
Brendan Rodgers, who complained about the “ridiculous” schedule his team had to deal with in the press a few days ago, had an excellent surgery at home tonight. Fox faced the first and second game in 48 hours in the Premier League. Despite the tough rating (6-3) of the match against Manchester City, the players of the England technicians showed an attractive face with a very good reaction (three goals in 10 minutes). Two days later, his players won the match against the Reds without conceding a goal, the first time this season against Liverpool. The England manager, who could not give his players a day off, handled his team’s rotation very well tonight. For example, Lukman (59th) entered the game and despite playing well against City he was rested at the start of the match, taking only three minutes to avert a situation and giving his coach the win. In the end, Liverpool’s big break Brendan Rodgers was a burden against the team’s energy and fire, and he can finally rest.

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When Salah no longer scores, Liverpool will not win
After a tragic match against Tottenham on December 19, the man who scored the most goals in the championship has lost much of his realism again this evening. An imperialist Caspar Smichel will have the Egyptian, who did not score from the match against Newcastle on 16 December. Nothing scary, of course, but when Salah doesn’t score, it proves that Liverpool can no longer win. In the 15th minute of the match he missed the picture of his penalty and Salah completely missed his match. He may have adjusted the shot after the Danish goalkeeper’s march, but it was the Egyptian’s header that caught the ball as Dan chased it. Some of his attempts were all taken by Fox’s goalkeeper, or stopped by a blue defensive man who managed the “danger sala” well. Definitely confused by the penalty missed at the start of the match (this has not happened to him in the Premier League for 4 years), then missed everything, and faded within minutes, becoming invisible after the Foxes’ score began.

Sadio Mane, fracture
Like the entire Reds attack, Mane was not sharp tonight. Also, like his teammate Mohamed Salah, if the Senegalese international had had one of his biggest chances, this fight against Schmeichel in the 59th game could have changed the course of the game. The strike, above the goals of the Danish goalkeeper, reveals all the shortcomings of the 2019 African player, who seems to have lost all hope for a month. Sadio Mane has not scored in 8 games with the Reds, with his last goal against Arsenal on 20 November.

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