WhatsApp already allows you to protect backups saved in an external cloud serviceAnd the best part is that it contains Encrypted thanks to end-to-end encryption, a feature that you will start making available to people who activate it.

what about Encryption means that if someone intercepts the information, it will have a special shield so that the information cannot be encrypted. When you reach your destination, the other “extreme” party is Messageand protect your information.

Facebook-owned instant messaging service pAllows activating additional protection for copies saved in both Google Drive and iCloud, within the chat settings, specifically in the section called “Backup”.

How to activate Encrypted WhatsApp backup?

That’s why first of all You must have connected the corresponding cloud service to your device: if Android, in Google Drive; And if you are an iOS customer, with your iCloud service.

By tapping on “Encrypted End-to-End Backup”, just press the “Continue” button. Then you can create a file A password or 64-digit encryption key, which you will need to remember and enter when you need to restore the copy.

It is important to highlight the need to remember the chosen key or password, because if the user loses it or does not remember it, he will lose access to his protected copy in the cloud. It is also important in case you want to change a password or another password, so you should keep it perfectly.

To start creating Encrypted backup remains only to press the “Done” button Everything will be done with your backup.

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How is the encrypted version disabled?

Just as encrypted backup should be enabled, it can also be disabled. In this case, You must go to the settings screen itself, and to continue, you must use the password, key or mobile device PINOr even biometric authentication, i.e. scanning your face to verify your identity.

If the encrypted version is disabled, Creating backup copies is also disabled. In order to create a copy, you still have the option to create an unprotected copy or choose the one with end-to-end encryption again.



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