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Not just Solaris and Eclipse. There are two other types of yachts attributed to Roman AbramovichRussian billionaire participates in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine Among the oligarchy affected by Western sanctions. Sanctions, we remember, include asset freezes and travel bans in Europe and the UK. In the sights of London they can now retreat Two yachts docked in Falmouth Harbor in southern Antigua. According to the Financial Times, the local government has established that the two yachts anchored on the Caribbean island belong to the Russian businessman. It is, in detail, from Halo Yacht $38 million and Garonne $20 million. Luxury boats are now in danger of being seized.


Antigua’s foreign minister, Paul Chet Green, wrote in a letter to the British High Commissioner in Barbados, seen by journalists in the British daily, that the island’s government had collected information about the ownership of the two yachts. yachts resulting in the availability of Wenham Overseas Ltd. The document then reads that, according to the British Virgin Islands Financial Investigation Agency, the de facto owner of Wenham Overseas Ltd is Roman Abramovich. Then more British officials confirmed to the Financial Times that the government was already in contact with the authorities in Antigua and Barbuda who agreed to cooperate.

Abramovich’s fleet

It now remains to understand what will happen to the two yachts moored in Antigua given that the Abramovich giants, Solaris and Eclipse are both located in friendly ports that are safe from Western sanctions.

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From the right, two yachts of Abramovich’s Maxian, Eclipse and Solaris

The Eclipse is one of the largest yachts in the world with a length of 163.5 meters and a record value of $700 million. According to marine traffic data, it is located in Marmaris in Turkey. In a nearby port, there will also be Solaris, which is worth more than 600 million dollars and is about 140 meters long.


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