Manchester United: After 21 games - Sancho makes his United shirt debut - Soccer

Is he starting now?

So far, nothing has happened to Jadon Sanso (21) at Manchester United. The winger under Ralph Ronnick (63) seems to be gradually rediscovering his old form after being used as a classic joker at the start of the season with a new contract worth மில்லியன் 85 million from Borussia Dortmund.

Under the German coach, Sanchez started the last four league games and won 4-2 in Leeds.

The Englishman scored two goals in a crucial overseas victory – his first assist in the Red Devils jersey in the Premier League!

He headed in Bruno Fernandez (27)’s cross 2-0 first, then Fred (28)’s Sancho thru the ball into the back of the net to make it 3-2 again.


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Sancho’s first United assist required 21 games. Really hard to believe. During his time at Dortmund, the national player was the best producer in the Bundesliga and collected an incredible 51 assists in four years!

Perhaps the Leeds performance was the initial spark for a similar Sancho series in the UK.


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