A bottle with a message was found after 37 years

Travel there about 6000 km glass bottle Found on the island of Hawaii, launched into the sea 37 years ago by high school students in Japan. According to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi, students from the Natural Science Club of Choshi High School in Chiba (Japan) released the bottle. in 1984 A project aimed at investigating ocean currents.

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The bottle was due to be found in June Abby Graham little girl from nine yearsAnd he’s one shore A rock in Hawaii Paradise Park.

inside bottle There was one written letter in English, Japanese and Portuguese by students at the science club at Chuchi High School in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. The message indicated the origin of the bottle and the recipient was asked to contact School to inform you of Finding.

So, in early September, Abby responded with another message, also adding a drawing of her and him sister while they eat sushi.

«Students were pleased to receive the letter again – Jun Hayashi, deputy principal of Chushi High School told “Vice World News” – even if the high school students at the time AlumniIt was still fun for current students.

Since 1985, the Bottles released from school in 17 locations Including Okinawa, the Philippines, China, and the West Coast of the United States.

Appreciate Abe too expertise. “I want to look for another one,” he told the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

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