weather forecast.  Winter invades half of Europe.  By the end of the week, a sharp drop in temperatures with cold and snow in a large part of the continent «3B Weather».
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Winter is coming to half of Europe
Winter is coming to half of Europe

In Greenland we are already seeing positioning A lobe of the polar vortex Which will move to Scandinavia in the next few days and will affect the weather in at least half of Europe by the end of the week. It will determine the extreme steepness of cold currents of Arctic origin Temperatures are already falling sharply on Friday across the UK and Central EuropeWith drops exceeding 10 degrees Celsius. The Arctic air load will generate a descending front from north to south, which will cause instability over the central states of the continent with… Rain and showers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, and snowfall in the Baltic countries and Belarus. And at the end of the day also locally in Bavaria.

Saturday The most advanced part of the Arctic air You will reach the Mediterranean SeaAlthough it is more weak, it will intensify in the countries of Central Europe. Here temperatures will in many cases drop to around zero Allowing snow to fall all the way to the plains or valley floors on the northern slopes of the Alps. The flakes will likely whitewash cities such as Munich, Bern and Innsbruck, but also to the east Prague and Warsaw.

Sunday Instability will begin to ease over central Europe, but cold air will continue to flow in from the Arctic, which will set the tone Additional drop in temperatures. Values ​​will now be fully wintry in many Central and Eastern European countries and the cold is likely to worsen by the start of the following week.

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Weather for the weekend of November 25-26
Weather for the weekend of November 25-26

in the weekend A deep vortex will be generated in the central and southern Balkans sector, From the collision between Arctic air and pre-existing warm air. A severe disturbance will circulate around its center, causing locally heavy rains and thunderstorms Heavy snowfall at low altitudes Concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. It is also not ruled out that some snow will fall at low altitudes on Sunday in the Greek mountains.

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