No consequence – time

Joe Biden does not believe that the words he spoke about Xi Jinping, whom he called a “dictator,” will have consequences for efforts to thaw the ice between China and the United States. The US President answered a question in this regard during the press conference with Narendra Modi, “The answer to your question is no.” Biden then tried to downplay what he called “hysteria” regarding relations with China: “We had an incident that caused confusion — he said, referring to the spy balloon story — but Secretary Blinken made a great visit to China, and I expect to meet with President Xi in the future “. “I don’t think they have any real consequences,” Biden concluded.

Nuclear-powered submarines to scare China: That's the deal

Then the US President described the content of the summit with Modi. “The prime minister and I had a good discussion about democratic values, that’s the nature of our relations. We are direct and we respect each other because both countries are democracies.” So Joe Biden, during the White House press conference with Narendra Modi, responded to those who remember concerns about discrimination against religious minorities and the suppression of dissent in India. “There are common democratic characteristics in our country and in our people, our diversity, our culture and our tolerance,” he added, stressing that these values ​​are “in America’s DNA and I believe in India.”


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