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There are plenty of survival games available for download, but none may be as unique as Raft. Where players must survive trapped at sea in a world that appears to be immersed under a deep abyss. With nothing more than an artificial structure (or raft) to survive.

Sand and mud are among the most important resources available to you in the game, both of which can be used to build you better technology and create a more independent system.

Today we will see how to find sand and mud in the raft.

How to find sand and mud in a raft

Sand and clay are among the resources available in the raft that can be used to make different things. Including glass and smelter that is used to melt metals, copper, sand, seaweed, etc.

Here’s how you can get both:

  • Sand Sand can be found by traveling to an island, installing your raft, and digging it out with a plastic hook. Simply prepare the machine and left-click while holding the cursor over the sand dump. This will activate the digging movement to get sand.
  • Clay – Pugs can be found traveling to an island, installing your raft, and digging underwater gray mud blocks. To do this you will need to have a plastic hook in your hand before using the left click and move your mouse over the mud deposits. You will then start collecting materials.

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Keep in mind that sand and mud are commonly found in reef areas around islands. Thus, you will have to search for rocks and beige objects near the reefs that surround the islands. And as always, watch out for the sharks!

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That’s all you need to know about how to find sand and mud in the raft. For now, be sure to check out some of our other PC content here at For example, how to fix Steam Wishlist not loading or how to get a Paradox Party badge from Clorthax on Steam 2022 Summer Sale.


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